Tom has produced beats for a number of projects over the years. His reworking of hip hop classics have caught the attention of The Chicagoist, The New York Times, The Guardian and Edgar Wright, most notably with his Wu Tang vs The Beatles/Jimi Hendrix. 
  • 1995-2000Tom started out by making music in his parent's basement (The Boiler Room) in Sussex. Using 4-track multitrack and various instruments. 15 albums made between 95-98! Productive? Yes. Any good? Doubtful. 
    • 2000-2003: Tom moved to London and studied Commercial Music at the University of Westminster. 
    • Meeting and producing for various rappers Tom eventually decided to put his own project together. Named after the basement where it all began, The Boiler Room Collective was a studio project that featured guests such as Skinnyman, Genesis Elijah, Wordsmith, Dr Syntax, Red Master, Teej and Longusto. However it wasn't released until 2007. 
    • 2003-2006: Tom moves back to Sussex (Forest Row and then Brighton)
    • Breakin' Bread release The Splice Of Life EP featuring Dr Syntax, Arch Co, DPF & DJ IQ. 
    • The Menagerie (Elemental, Dr Syntax & Nick Maxwell) release 'Wild Kingdom' on Esperanto Records.
    • Wordsmith 'Road Man's Showcase' and Genesis Elijah 'Deh Pon Road' released, all featuring production from Tom Caruana. 
    • While living in Forest Row, Tom devises and records much of the Bombadeal project. 
    • 2009-2011: 
    • Tom creates Wu-Tang vs The Beatles to critical acclaim and gets contacted by Capitol records (to remove content) and by Wu-Music Group (to do another Wu based album!)
    • Grand Agent album 'The Ghetto Ain't A Place' produced by Tom Caruana
    • Tom creates Wu-Tang & Jimi Hendrix 'Black Gold' for Wu-Music Group
    • The bulk of the Menagerie album ('Irregular Spirits') recorded over one weekend while Tom lived in Somerset. 
    • Tom produces a ton of remixes and releases them in his 'Rough Versions' remix series
    • 2011-present: 
    • Tom moved from Sussex to Yorkshire. He soon started working with old friend and collaborator Dr Syntax, they released A Slice of Fried Gold in 2012. The album was inspired by the works on Edgar Wright who as a fan of Tom's work had sent him the dialogue files of his 3 films: Shaun Of The Dead, Hotfuzz & Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. 
    • Menagerie 'Irregular Spirits' released
    • Tom is currently working on an album with long time band Son Of Sam. The project features Masta Ace, J-Live, Large Pro, Soundsci, Guilty Simpson, Prince Po, Kurious, John Robinson, Rasco, Denmark Vessey, Paten Locke, yU, The Black Opera, Blaise B, 7even Thirty, Fat Ray, Pace Won, El Da Sensei, Sadat X, Meeks & Scienide. 

    "Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential". (The Guardian newspaper)

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