Tom's experiences ranges from working with rappers, singers and musicians in studio and live environments, to reworking classic acapellas in a series of renound remix albums. His work has caught the attention of The Chicagoist, The New York Times, The Guardian and Edgar Wright.

His production styles vary massively: jazz & humour (Professor Elemental), folk infused hip-hop (Bombadeal), instrumental jazz-breaks (Klondike Kids) and classic mashup material (Wu Tang vs The Beatles / Jimi Hendrix).

He started out by making music in his parent's basement, making a collection of odd songs and albums. Then he moved to London and started hip hop project The Boiler Room Collective. Although this wasn't actually a real group, the following were regulars in the studio: Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Dr Syntax, Ahmos, Red Master & Teej. At around the same time Tom had started The Menagerie with Elemental, Nick Maxwell & Dr Syntax.

Tom plays in funk/hip hop group Son Of Sam with John Sam, Joe Sam & Dutch Courage. Tom & Dutch Courage have their own instrumental based project called Klondike Kids.

As well as providing production on individual tracks for a wide range of artists, Tom has produced complete albums for Wordsmith, Professor Elemental, Dr Syntax, Longusto, Dizraeli & Teej.

"Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential". (The Guardian newspaper)

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