Tom has produced beats for a number of projects over the years. His reworking of hip hop classics have caught the attention of The Chicagoist, The New York Times, The Guardian and Edgar Wright, most notably with his Wu Tang vs The Beatles/Jimi Hendrix. 
Tom started out by making music in his parent's basement, using 4-track multitrack and various instruments. 15 albums made between 95-98! Productive? Yes. Any good? Doubtful. 

Tom moved to London and focused on making hip hop; 'Green Fingers' feat. Ahmos was picked for the Breakin' Bread LP The Deadly 7" Sins, they also put out 'The Splice of Life' which featured Dr Syntax, DPF and Arch Co.

Tom created The Boiler Room Collective (the name boiler room was reference to the basement where it all started). BRC was a studio project and featured Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Skinnyman, Dr Syntax, Ahmos, Red Master, Teej and others. Also around the same time Tom started The Menagerie with Elemental, Nick Maxwell & Dr Syntax. The 2 projects were polar opposites in terms of musical character, whilst producing the BRC and Menagerie albums Tom created his Bric A Brac album.

Tom plays in funk/hip hop group Son Of Sam with John Sam, Joe Sam & Dutch Courage who all met in 1997. Early 2000s were playing hip hop as a 4 piece, and continued to write and do shows together until around 2009. We are currently working on an album which features tracks with Soundsci, El Da Sensei and Sadat X.  Dutch Courage and Tom work together on an instrumental based project called Klondike Kids.

Currently Tom is working on some solo projects which sees him returning to his roots and using various instruments and relying less on samples. 

"Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential". (The Guardian newspaper)

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